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Might as well include the GIS lab at the alma mater

NY GIS clearinghouse
If you know what a GIS is, then you probably know about this site. But if you don't know what a GIS is, you might want to do a search about it. If you're a nerd, that is.

Looks like a decent legal info website. Plus, it provides one of those cute litte favicons that I do so enjoy.

i want.com
An interesting concept. I haven't played around with it enough to know if it's any good.

Hubble Telescope photos


PA State Data Center Computer Technology Project

The Word Police
Sometimes I wonder what the point of maintaining a weblog is. Does anybody really need me to offer them links to sites that I find interesting? Is there anybody out there so incapable of surfing the web that they need my links to have an enjoyable surfing experience? And if there are such utterly helpless surfers out there, can one stupid little weblog really help them at all?

Take two of these and call me. Please?

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Got a problem with your credit card company? Customer service no help at all? Chances are, you'll want to talk to these people, the regulators of national banks. They were pretty cool when I had a complaint about a "credit protection" fee pushed on me.

And Justice for Some
Another study showing that African-Americans are punished more severely than their white counterparts for similar crimes and circumstances. This one focuses on the juvenile justice system.

In Search of Mediocrity
Charles Carithers, a Boston area high school junior was suspended for doing his "horror story" English assignment a little too well, frightening his teacher. The student responded, "She [the teacher] wanted us to write a vivid horror story. I assumed she wanted something real scary. I expected her to think it was sick but not to take it as a personal threat." Who'd have thought a high school student might actually write a creative story about high school?

2600.com in trouble again
Eight of the largest movie conglomerates are seeking to stop 2600 from linking to the controversial CSS DVD descrambler. At issue is whether it is illegal to have controversial links on one's website. Personally, I feel really, really bad for those rich execs in Hollywood. Poor rich people, always being treated unfairly. I think I'll put up a link to a CSS descrambler myself.

United States not Worst Place in the World!
The Australian government is at it again, forcing ISPs to deny access to websites deemed - get this - "offensive". Thank you, Big Brother!

Human Life Worth at Least $150,000
The Iowa Supreme Court upheld a law ording restitution of at least $150,000 to the families of victims of wrongful death. It had been argued by the appellants that $150,000 was excessive and unreasonable punishment.

Leisure Town
Sometimes you find a website that is refreshingly innovative AND well-done. This is a humorous animation site, the animation so vividly detailed and realistic so as to be inspiring to lowly doodlers like me.

Dallas Cowboys Game Worn Socks
Those Dallas Cowboys, America's Team, are offering to us the privilege of owning socks that one of the team members actually wore during a game. They say the money goes to charity. The price for used Coyboys socks? $19.99

Satellite photos of "Area 51"
There are lots of satellite photos here of the Air Force Base and the area within it known simply as Area 51.

The Wal-Martyrs
Read about the desperate tales of corporate abuse at the vile hands of Sam Walton. Or just giggle about the title. Oh, I do love a good pun.

Knowledge @ Wharton
For folks like me, when the folks at the most prestigious business school in America throw us a few crumbs, we'd better try and eat them. Some interesting articles here about business, free of charge. You'll have to register with the evil overlord, though.

Kindergartners playing cobs & robbers suspended
Ah, from the mouths of morons: "This is a no tolerance policy. We're very firm on weapons and threats," district superintendent William L. Bauer said. "Given the climate of our society, we cannot take any of these statements in a light manner." Bang, bang! You're dead! I hope he doesn't sue me.

Cyber Law Links
A link directing you to more links, ha ha, a link directing to more links! Keep abreast of relevant e-commerce legal issues. We love regulatory activity. Permission to breathe, sir?

Tax humor
An impossibly small genre, tax humor is. Nevertheless, here is what I believe to be the definitive source for all tax jokes and cartoons.

Sometimes you just see a url that makes you want to find out more. See ya in Fruita, CO!

The SportServer Crime Report
Imagine a fusion between two of the best entertainment genres: sports and crime. That's what the SportServer Police Blotter offers up. Those wacky athletes and their wackier crimes. A fusion of the genres. Personally, I'd like to see Dennis Rodman and Allen Iverson in a show about basketball players who also solve crimes in their spare time.

Jay's Kids
Well, Heinz has 57 flavors, and rock n roll and r&b legend Screamin' Jay Hawkins supposedly had 57 kids. Are you one of them? The search is on!

The Bugscope
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