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How to stop terrorism
So here's my take on this whole terrorism thing. What the United States needs to do is demonstrate to fundamentalist Muslim terrorists that terrorism will backfire on them. And to do this, you need to blow up a sizable portion of the Middle East. Baghdad would be a good choice. Just blow the entire city and environs up. No survivors. I don't care how, although conventional weapons might be less messy long-term. But what needs to happen is that the terrorists see a clear American policy: if you kill a thousand Americans, a million Muslims will be killed. That is not a game they will likely want to play. In the event they should contine playing, we can up the ante to 10 million Muslims killed for every thousand Americans Eventually, they will see that terrorism is counterproductive to their goals, and they will stop. While America wrecked some carnage in Afghanistan, it obviously was not enough. If we're going to fight terrorism, as I think we ought, then we need to fight to win, not fight to a draw. P.S. apologies for all the broken and outdated links on this page -- it might get fixed one of these days.

Smerconish breaks with conservatives, opposes tort reform
Conservative Phila. radio talk show host and attorney Michael Smerconish writes one of those articles that makes you think: just how much are breasts worth, anyhow?

Deleted in consideration of possibly getting this blog up and running again, and that co-worker might eventually see hateful comments.

Somebody keeps looking at my pita.
Is it you? What are you doing? This pita hasn't been updated in over a year.

Police Brutality in the USA
The report from Amnesty International (09/1999).

Pedestrian Road Rage
A self-described "aggressive pedestrian", intolerant of drivers who fail to yield, is in trouble for taking his crusade too far.

Vancouver mulls safe drug use sites
Harm reduction is an attempt to, well, reduce the harm associated with hard drug use.

Ween Radio
All Ween. All day. All night long. Lots and lots of live cuts. (The band allows taping at their concerts.) I'm also quite fond of the electronica musica at http://www.thewomb.com.

41 year-old doctor sues Motorola and Verizon, claims cell phone caused brain cancer

Child can sue for damage suffered while fetus, judge says
An Ohio judge has ruled that a 2 1/2-year-old child has the right to sue for damages in an auto accident that occurred while she was in her mother's womb.

notHarvard.com sued for name infringement
The issue here is whether notHarvard.com is profiting from the use of the Harvard name, and if so, to what extent the Harvard name can be used without infringing on the university. I say notHarvard.com is in the clear here.

GOP protestors should get a job; get a life
The professional protestors are in Philly this week to with their inane causes such as "Free the Pets", "Stop Money", and other tripe. They are without exception losers who, if they had any balls, would create their own political party. Instead they are relegated to protesting other people's parties because they just can't hang.

Obscene parrot is center of controversy
Community standards say Polly needs to shut the F*&@ up!

Regulators review rules restricting telemarketers
I would like to add on a rider that they should all die.

Well, whoop-dee-doo
Congress is considering a bill that would require employers to notify employees that they will snoop though their email. So now that you've been told, new hire, so whaddaya going to do about it? Ah, yes. The answer is ziplip!

Ask O.J.
In the "I wish I'd thought of this..." department, here's a website where you can pay to ask O.J. Simpson questions. There's a sucker born every minute, and this webmaster is going to fllece them all blind, God bless him. Credit to w i s d o m.

Number of Probationers, Parolees at Record High
More than 1 million of the nation's probationers and parolees were in two states. Texas had 556,410 and California 446,460. States with the largest percentages of their adult population under community supervision were Georgia, with 5.8 percent, and Idaho, with 4.2 percent. Nationally, A little over 1 percent of the adult population back in 1980 to now up over 3 percent of all adults are on probation or parole. That's one out of every 32 adults. The big question is, how high can the pecentage go?

Mugging victim stupidly asked to be mugged?
According to a Winnipeg judge, a mugging victim acted stupidly and asked for the mugging by flashing money in the inner city. Said the judge, "If you walk around jingling money in your hand . . . it's like walking in the wolf enclosure at the city zoo with a pound of ground beef in your hand. And it's almost the same type of predators you're going to find out there." It's said that the remarks did not please the Winnipeg chamber of commerce.

Jurors to decide if handshake was attack
An Eau Claire County jury will decide this week in civil court in Eau Claire whether La Pean committed assault and battery when she shook Worthley's hand more than two years ago. The plaintiffs assert that the handshake caused soft tissue damage and pain. The defense argues that the defendant "has only 7 percent of the grip strength she should have because of arthralgia, which is pain in a joint."

Florida Panther.net
Website devoted to the Florida state animal, the Panther. Includes information about habitat and lifestyle. You can hear real audio samples of the unique panther call.


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