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Help find Ed a wife
Ed Ryder needs that special someone, and he's willing to pay. Read all about it and help make Ed a lucky man, and earn a little dough to boot. See Ed's act of desparation here.

Mayor bans the booklet
Well that was fast! One day after a story appeared in the Phila. Daily News (and logged at the Lean and Mean Pita), new Mayor John Street stops distirbution of the "Hooker How-to Guide" aimed at helping street prostitutes be safer and disease free. Just goes to show the power of a pita! Right? Hello?

Rob Keller's Mummy Museum
The Tech King, Dave King, hosts this museum full of pics of mummified animals. Rob Keller is a veterinarian who honors deceased animals by mummifying them. Keller writes, "A squirrel hit by a car, left to die on the roadside, has become beautiful, sculptural, and, taken as extreme as the Egyptians may have done, albeit in a modern take, the squirrel becomes enshrined in an acorn sarcophagus. But lest we forget the violent circumstances of its death, the inside is covered with a street map of the location of the death, and broken glass." Oh, my. See also the new site for the museum with additional pics.

Swarthmore College Radio
Swarthmore College, the #1 liberal arts college in America again, has had a radio station for 60 years running. While once only available in the greater Swarthmore, PA area, now WSRN 91.5 is on the web via Real Audio. Always groovy, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have all these years.

A hooker's how-to guide
A story in the Phila. Daily News about the city's new education program for hookers and drug addicts. Pamphets are being distributed to street prostitutes, educating them about how to be safe while hooking. Another pamphlet discusses the best ways to smoke crack. But if they had minimal reading comprehension, they probably wouldn't be in that situation in the first place. Que sera, sera.

When public information is suppressed...
A committe representing the 1,600 U.S. Federal judges blocked an attempt to publish online information freely available to the public. Am I missing something here?

McCain kicks Bush's ass in New Hampshire!
Attention Republicans: if George W. Bush gets the republican nomination in 2000, I will vote Democrat. Got it?

Woman sues Fla.'s Universal Studios, says haunted house caused emotional distress
Isn't that sort of the point?

Man sues government for cash found in car
"I think we found the problem with your car."

Legal Grounds
I've decided to divulge a main source for wacky news stories. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Top ten TV shows of the 1990s
I was surprised that Buffy the Vampire Slayer made the list, which I guess shows my age, and I'm not even old yet. But I took a look at the show last night, and found myself watching rather intently, and hurrying back when I got up during commercials so I wouldn't miss anything. Which might make me a dirty old man, even though I'm not old yet.

Penndot to spend $90 mil. on I-95 improvements at PHL
Is it me, or is the current road completely adequate? I'm no world traveler, I've only been to the airport a handful of times, but I've never encountered a problem. It's pretty easy really, you take the exit that says "Int'l Airport". You follow it to the "Parking" area. You park. I've never noticed traffic backed up even a little. I plan on asking Penndot District 6 just why exactly they need to improve this stretch of road. Well, maybe I'll call. While you're motivated, why don't you call them too? It's not like it's $90 million of my money.

The Perseus Project
Hosted by Tufts U., in cooperation with a slew of big names in the education industry, and including funding by the American taxpayer, the Persius project contains a pirate's bounty of information about Acient Greece and to a lesser extent Rome. Included are famous ancient writings in both ancient Greek and modern English, as well as an ever so useful English-to-Ancient Greek translator.

Advertising Law
Learn how marketers and advertisers are regulated by federal law. And then tell me what you found out 'cuz I'm too lazy to do it myself right now.

LANIC es una buena pagina de "links" sobre Mexico y Americano Latino. Con secciones de artes y humanidades, grupos diologos, economia, personas indiginas, y muchos muchos mas!

Facetiously subtitled "Market Research for Panhandlers," NeedCom is an interactive website where you can give virtual money to real homeless people. You can listen to their raps in .wav format, and "give" by voting an amount (or not give if you don't like their style). You can then see how much other people have "given" to each of the panhandlers. Plus there are message boards where you can discuss the issues surrounding homelessness and panhandling. Plus, the pandhandlers themselves tell you what *they think about their targets. Here also is the review in salon.com.

Delco Daily Times
I know I'm no one that should be complaining about webpage design. However, I don't receive any money for my website, either. Having said that... Since first arriving on the web about four years ago, the Delaware County Daily Times (PA) has not made ONE SINGLE MODIFICATION to a web design that could appropriately be called "grotesque" and "pre-amateurish". The Delco Daily Times on the web is a slap in the face to the good people of Delaware County (600,000+ people deserve a decent website). Visit this link only to see how NOT to build a website.

The Bugscope
Ever wanted to know what a tick, a cockroach, or another sort of bug looked like - REALLY, REALLY UP CLOSE??? Then the bugscope is for you. The Bugscope is a project of the U of Ill. at Urbana-Champaigne where you look at bugs through the most powerful microscope known to man -- the electron microscope. The images are - well, the images are very detailed. Did you know that cockroaches have claws at the end of their legs? Ever want to see a mosquito stinger magnified about one MILLION times? It's all here!

Brown U. study
Finally the information about crack babies. Apologies to all my hundreds if not thouands of fans out there. I love you all. I was sooo busy at work I couldn't even think about updating my pita. More to follow...

NDSN story
Also see NSDN story.

Coming tomorrow (actually Monday, Dec. 6 - I left the link on my work computer and didn't forward it to my webmail - mclean@ireland.com -- a cheesy address for an American to have I know (no disrespect to the country of Ireland, the Irish, or Irish-Americans intended) but nevertheless it is a somewhat easy address for my non-technologically-oriented family and friends to remember): Anyway, a fairly reputable news source reports that crack is really not so bad for babies! Stay tuned...

McLean.net - Clan McLean Net Central
This is my very first day on PITAS! WOOOOHOOOO! I mean, uh, Ahem... this is a pretty cool website written by people I have never met and have barely even corresponded with. It's about the name McLean and the origins of that clan. There are also a bunch of other names that fall under the umberlla of the McLean (or MacLean) clan for some reason I don't understand. So if you're Scottish, there may be something of value for you there anyway. What other family name has it's own usenet domain (News.McLean.net)? Besides, it's good to know that there are people other than crackheads in my very distant bloodline...

The Bugscope


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